Terms & Conditions

Terms of Conditions

Warehouse TERRADA (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) includes the GVIDO Store and My Library (https://www.gvidoscore.com/, hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), the GVIDO Promotion Website (https://www.gvidomusic.com/)Terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "the terms") of related services (hereinafter referred to collectively as "GVIDO service") of electronic score devices GVIDO provided by the Company, such as It establishes as follows. Please read the following terms and conditions before using the GVIDO service and use them only if you agree to these terms.

Article 1 (Application of Terms)

1.These Terms define the conditions for using the GVIDO Service, and those who use the GVIDO Service (hereinafter referred to as "Users") are required to Must be used.

2.GVIDO services will be provided only to users who have agreed to these terms. If you are a minor, you must use the GVIDO service with the consent of the legal representative.

3.With regard to GVIDO services, in addition to these Terms, guidelines, manuals or terms etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines etc.”) may be prescribed for each individual service. Make up the department.

4.In the case where the content set forth in the Terms and the content set forth in the Guidelines differ, the Guidelines, etc. will take precedence.

Article 2 (Change of Terms)

1.The Company shall be able to change the contents of the Terms, Guidelines, etc. at any time without obtaining the prior consent of the User. In this case, the revised Terms, Guidelines, etc. shall be effective from the time they are posted on the GVIDO Service website. However, this does not apply if the Company separately establishes it.

2.The user agrees to comply with the revised Terms and Guidelines after the amendment of the Terms and Guidelines in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

Article 3 (Responsibilities of Users)

Users shall be responsible for the reliability, interpretation, etc. of the information provided by our company in GVIDO Services at their own risk.

Article 4 (maintenance of use environment)

1.In order to use the GVIDO service, the user shall prepare communication equipment, software and public line etc. (hereinafter referred to as "communication equipment etc") at his / her own responsibility and expense.

2.Users shall maintain and manage communication facilities etc. under their own responsibility so as not to interfere with the use of the GVIDO service. In addition, when using the GVIDO service, the user shall manage and bear the expenses related to the GVIDO service connection with the telecommunications carrier under his / her responsibility.

Article 5 (Conclusion of Contract)

The order of the product from the user is a contract application. If the product is ordered from the user and the product is not a digital product, the application for the contract is accepted and the contract is concluded when the user receives a notification of shipping the product from the website. If the product you ordered is a digital product, the application for the contract will be accepted and the contract will be concluded when the user receives an order confirmation notice for the product from the website. In the case of a pre-order, the contract application is accepted and the contract is concluded when a notification of purchase confirmation of the ordered product is sent to the user from this website.

Article 6 (GVIDO Account)

1.In order to use the GVIDO service, it may be necessary to register an account specified in this Article (hereinafter referred to as "GVIDO account").

2.Users who have registered GVIDO accounts (hereinafter referred to as “registered users”) can purchase electronic music scores and use My Library on this website.

3.Users who wish to register a GVIDO account (hereinafter referred to as "Registration") shall register in accordance with the conditions described in this section. In addition, the user who can register is a registered user who has consented to the application for registration specified in Section 8 of this Article, and who satisfies the conditions specified in all the following items.

  • (1)An individual or legal person who has an available and valid credit card issued by a credit card company that the Company approves for use.
  • (2)Being an adult or a corporation.
  • (3)Having an e-mail address that can be sent to and received from our company.
  • (4)Have an address and phone number where we can contact you.

4.Users who wish to apply for registration (hereinafter referred to as "the application") will be required to transmit to the Company true and accurate information about the user in a prescribed manner determined by the Company. The Company receives the information on the application specified in the preceding paragraph, and performs the necessary examination for the application.

5.At the time of examination and after account registration, we may contact you or registered user's contact information regarding matters based on GVIDO service.

6.If the Company accepts the application for the Registered User through the examination described in the previous paragraph, the Company's prescribed ID and password (hereinafter referred to as "Authentication Information") for the Registered User to use the GVIDO Service shall be the Company. We will accept by sending by the specified method defined by (hereinafter referred to as "this consent"). In addition, the registered user is responsible for the use and management of the certification information and shall be properly managed.

7.The Registered User shall immediately notify the Company if he / she is aware of theft, loss, omission, or use by a third party of the Certification Information.

8.We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to registered users due to theft, loss, omission, use by a third party, etc. of authentication information prior to the notification under the preceding paragraph.

9.We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to registered users due to mismanagement of authentication information by registered users and unauthorized use of authentication information by third parties.

10.The Company may not accept this consent if it is determined that the user who applied for the application under Article 4 paragraph of this Article falls under one of the following items. In addition, if, after the Company's consent, the Registered User falls under any of the following items, the Company will register with the Registered User without notifying the Registered User in advance. Shall be able to carry out the deletion of the GIDDO service, the termination of the GVIDO service, and the invalidation of the authentication information (hereinafter referred to as the “deletion etc.”).

  • (1)If the person who made the application does not comply with the Terms, Guidelines, etc.
  • (2)When it turns out that the person who applied for this application does not exist.
  • (3)In the case where it has become clear that the person who has made the application has received suspension or cancellation of the registered user qualification in the past due to a violation or the like of these Terms or Guidelines.
  • (4)In the case where there is a false statement, an error, an omission, etc. in the registration information to our company in this application.
  • (5)If the person making the application applies to one of the Article 13 items.
  • (6)The person who made this application is either an adult ward, a person under the control or a person being assisted, and at the time of this application, the consent of the legal representative, the person in charge or the person in charge was not obtained If.
  • (7)When it turns out that a registered user has died.
  • (8)The registered user has not found any evidence of using the GVIDO service for a predetermined period of time.
  • (9)In addition to the preceding items, if the Company judges that it is inappropriate to grant this consent or the qualification to use the GVIDO service.

11.When using the GVIDO service by a registered user, the Company collates the authentication information of the account registration for which the consent has been made with the authentication information input by the registered user, and it is confirmed that they match in a predetermined manner. If successful, we will treat the use of the GVIDO service by the registered user as the use of the service with the proper authority by the registered user itself, and we will be solely responsible for any trouble or damage caused by the use of the service. Shall not. Registered users shall also comply with these Terms and Conditions, etc. when using GVIDO Services.

12.If the Registered User wishes to terminate the use of the GVIDO Service (hereinafter referred to as “Withdrawal”), the Company shall notify the Company in accordance with the Company's prescribed method. In addition, the registered user who has submitted the above notification of withdrawal will lose the right for all GVIDO services assuming account registration at the time of withdrawal.

Article 7 (Temporary suspension, cancellation, change, termination, etc. of GVIDO service)

1.The Company may suspend the provision of all or part of the GVIDO service without giving prior notice to users and registered users if any of the following cases occurs: I shall

  • (1)When performing regular maintenance, emergency maintenance, etc. of facilities for GVIDO service.
  • (2)When dealing with a failure occurrence of a GVIDO service facility.
  • (3)Providing GVIDO services by earthquakes, fires, eruptions, tsunamis, floods, other disasters such as wind and flood disasters, power outages, wars, incidents, riots, acts of labor, labor disputes, demonstrations and other third parties. If we decide that we can not do it.
  • (4)In addition to the preceding items, when the Company determines that it is necessary to temporarily suspend the GVIDO service in terms of operation or technology of the GVIDO service.

The Company may terminate all or part of the GVIDO Services without prior notice to Users and Registered Users, as it deems necessary. We may, at our discretion, change all or part of the GVIDO service at any time.

3.Even if any damage or disadvantage occurs to the user and the registered user due to the temporary interruption, cancellation, change, or termination of the GVIDO service in accordance with the preceding paragraphs, the Company assumes no responsibility.

Article 8 (advertising, link)

1.Although the GVIDO Service website may include a link to a third party website (hereinafter referred to as the "Third Party Site"), we manage the third party site. Not done Users are responsible for dealing with the linked site (including, but not limited to, contract terms, terms of use, terms of sale, etc.) with the operator of the third party site. Please go at.

2.The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users, other users, other registered users or third parties resulting from the transactions described in the preceding paragraph.

Article 9 (Handling of personal information)

1.We shall respect the user's privacy, and the handling of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") of the user shall be in accordance with our "Personal Information Protection Policy".

2.The Registered User shall accept in advance the contents set forth in the personal information protection policy etc. of the preceding paragraph.

Article 10 (Re-consignment)

We can re-consign all or part of GVIDO service operations to a third party under our responsibility.

Article 11 (attribution of rights)

1.Intellectual property rights and other rights regarding GVIDO service contents, programs and information belong to the Company or other copyright holders, etc., and are protected by copyright laws in each country and international laws on copyright. You Users shall not engage in acts that infringe on these rights, and in the event of a problem occurring with the rights holder or a third party contrary to the provisions of this Article, the user shall use the matter in his own responsibility and expenses. I shall solve it.

2.All software used by the Company in connection with GVIDO Services and GVIDO Services includes property rights and trade secrets protected by intellectual property laws and regulations.

Article 12 (Prohibited matters)

Users shall not perform the actions specified in the following items in using GVIDO Services.

  • (1)Acts against the law or public order and morals, or acts with the fear.
  • (2)An act that leads to a criminal act, or an act that is likely to have it.
  • (3)Acts that infringe or may infringe other users, other registered users, third parties or our property, credit, privacy, and honor.
  • (4)Any act that infringes or is likely to infringe the intellectual property rights of other users, other registered users, third parties or our company.
  • (5)An act that gives disadvantage or damage to another user, another registered user, a third party or our company, or an act that is likely to cause it.
  • (6)Posting and posting information that is against the facts or may be against the facts and acts of slandering other users, other registered users, third parties or the Company.
  • (7)Election campaign, pre-election campaign, acts in conflict with the Public Election Act or acts similar to these.
  • (8)Act for the purpose of profit to other users, other registered users, and third parties (including but not limited to advertising, advertising, solicitation, etc.) or linked acts or acts of those fears.
  • (9)Any act of transferring, using, buying, selling, praising, securing, or the like the rights relating to the GVIDO service to a third party.
  • (10)The act of interrupting the operation of the GVIDO service or losing the credibility of the GVIDO service.
  • (11)The act of one person registering multiple accounts. However, this shall not apply if the Company approves.
  • (12)The act of using one authentication information by multiple persons.
  • (13)The act of using the GVIDO service by impersonating another user, another registered user, a third party or our company.
  • (14)The act of transmitting harmful computer programs etc. through the GVIDO service or making it possible to be received by other users, other registered users, and third parties.
  • (15)Other computers, systems, servers, etc. connected to the GVIDO service act or perform unauthorized access.
  • (16)The act of promoting the act set forth in the preceding items.
  • (17)In addition to the preceding items, acts that the Company deems inappropriate.

Article 13 (Payment of Charges)

1.The user pays collectively or in a batch according to the membership rules of a credit card company, using a credit card issued by a credit card company that approves the charges and consumption taxes etc. incurred with the use of the GVIDO service. I will.

2.The condition that the holder's name holder and the credit card holder are the same. If the credit card settlement in this Article 1 becomes impossible due to the user's credit card expiring or other circumstances, the user shall pay immediately by the method designated by the Company.

3.If there is a dispute between the user and the credit card company regarding charges and other debts, the parties concerned shall resolve it and the Company shall not be liable.

4.If the user is a corporation, payment will be made by credit card settlement under paragraph 1 of this Article or automatic withdrawal from the financial institution's account delivered by the customer.

Article 14 (Reported Items)

1.If a registered user changes information registered with the Company based on this application, the registered user shall immediately report the change according to the procedures and methods prescribed by the Company.

2.We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to registered users due to an error in registration information with us prior to the notification under the preceding paragraph.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)

1.The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to users or third parties in connection with the use of the Service.

2.The Company shall not be liable for any matters set forth in the following items related to the information etc. obtained by the user in connection with the use of the GVIDO service.

  • (1)The GVIDO service meets or meets the user's specific purpose.
  • (2)The GVIDO service is free from faults, problems or errors.
  • (3)Information, services, products, etc. obtained by the user through the GVIDO service satisfy the user's expectation.
  • (4)The information, data, etc. provided by the Company on the GVIDO service must be accurate.
  • (5)The use of GVIDO services conforms to applicable laws and regulations or internal rules, etc. applicable to users.

3.In accordance with the terms and conditions, guidelines, etc., in connection with the cancellation of account registration, suspension of services or invalidation of authentication information, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to users or third parties. I shall not bear it.

4.We do not guarantee the operation of communication facilities, devices, software, etc. that users use for using GVIDO services, and do not give any damage to the users or third parties regarding communication facilities etc. Shall not be liable for.

5.With regard to the damage suffered by the registered user or third party due to the authentication information of the registered user being used by a third party, the Company shall not be liable for any fault of the member concerned. I do not take responsibility.

6.The Company shall not be liable for any suspension, termination or termination of all or part of the GVIDO Service or all or part of the GVIDO Service based on these Terms, Guidelines, etc. Shall not be.

7.If the user falls under the "Consumer" defined in the Consumer Contracts Act, regardless of Section 1 and Sections 3 to 6 of this Article, compensation will be made if the Company is attributable. Responsible, the scope is limited to the normal damage that has occurred directly and actually, and the fee paid by the user to the Company in connection with the use of this service in the past 12 months Limited) to significant amounts (not limited to cases where the Company deems intentional or gross negligence).

Article 16 (damages)

1.If the user receives a complaint from the third party, a claim for damages, etc. in connection with the use of the GVIDO service, the claim, the claim, etc. will all be resolved with the user's responsibility and expense. I agree to.

2.If the user suffers damage by using the GVIDO service contrary to the terms of this agreement, the company shall be able to claim damages for the user.

3.If a third party submits a complaint or claims for damages in connection with the use of the GVIDO service by the user to the Company, the Company will submit the request / claim to the user. You can claim all expenses (including legal fees) for etc.

Article 17 (Notice)

1.Notices or notices from the Company to the User will be made by placing the Company in such a way that the user can view the information pertaining to the notice or notice in the following manner.

  • (1)A method of sending an e-mail in which the information is recorded to an e-mail address registered by the user to our company
  • (2)A method of mailing a document stating the information to the address registered by the user to the Company
  • (3)A method to post such information on the Company's prescribed website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") regarding the Service

2.Notification by sending e-mail to the e-mail address (when e-mail address after notification of change has been notified from the registered user) e-mail address reported to the company at the time of account registration Alternatively, if a notice is given, the notice or notice shall be deemed to have reached the registered user immediately.

3.Notice or notification by mailing the document to the address (the address after notification of change from the registered user, if notified by the registered user) by the Company upon registration of registered user If done, the notice or notice will normally be considered as reaching the registered user when it should be reached.

4.If the Company notifies or notifies by means of posting on the Website, it will be considered as having reached the registered user when the information pertaining to the notification or notification is posted on the Website.

Article 18 (Separability)

Even if any provision of this Agreement or a part of it is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contracts Act or other laws, the remaining provisions of this Agreement and part of it will The rest of the provisions shall continue to be fully effective.

Article 19 (Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction)

1.Governing law concerning GVIDO service, these terms and conditions, etc. shall be Japanese law. Even if goods are sold or sold under this service, the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

2.For all disputes arising out of or related to the GVIDO service, these Terms or Guidelines, etc., the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial.

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