1,000 years.

Music’s universal language is the music score.
The archetype, invented in 11th-century Italy
by a monk named Gvido d’Arezzo.
For a thousand years,
music scores have been written on paper—and loved.

The Dream.

To help the music score to evolve—
for the sake of all who love music.
Engineers, musicians, and designers
who shared this same dream
began with the paper at the center,
and developed it into a digital screen device—
dedicated exclusively to music scores.


Dual screens the same size as traditional music scores.
Capable of holding thousands of scores
—yet light and easy to carry.
Easy on the eyes, even after hours of use.
Write and erase notes directly on scores.
With the comfortable feel of paper worn smooth.
Even the same sound when you close it.
Cutting edge technology synthesized with
the sensibilities and wisdom of the world’s musicians.

Born in Japan.

21st-century technology combined with
the virtuoso’s love of music.
660g—the same weight as a traditional score book,
but it can store around 4000 scores.
A dual screen ePaper music score
built on the wisdom of paper,
while liberated from its limits
and transcending its abilities.
In homage to the father of the score, Gvido d’Arezzo,
we name it GVIDO.

Start GVIDO !

GVIDO is much more than simply music scores.
It puts the whole world’s music scores into your hands.
Share scores and your handwritten notes
with your group or orchestra with a few clicks.
GVIDO supports musician’s activities and music culture itself.
It was created to be a whole new system.
For music lovers, the future is expanding before you.


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