Thickness 6mm,
weight 660g

13.3 inch dual screens using ePaper. Same size and feel of traditional paper music scores.
Carbon fiber construction body weighs only 660g, yet strong enough to survive a fall from the music stand.
The flat hinges make the screens fold open nice and flat, so you can view them easily like a music book.

Long battery life

Charge 3 hours, use 5 days.



Store approx.
4,000 songs

The internal memory holds scores for up to around 4,000 songs in PDF
(assuming 1 song equals approx. 1MB).
Using notes feature, store approx. 16,000 pages.
Additional cloud storage available through My Library service.

My Library



Unlike LCD tablets, reflection and glare are
virtually gone, so just like with paper—you can perform
under sunlight with full visibility of the screen.
No backlighting, so it’s gentle on the eyes,
preventing strain and fatigue.

Turn pages
with a touch

Three touch switches

Flip pages easily and without a sound by using the infrared touch switch.
Three touch switches can be personalized,
assigning each one different functions to make it easier for you to use.
Hands-free page turning with the optional foot switch.

Write notes on scores

With the included stylus pen, write and erase notes directly on the screen.
Save up to 100 layers of notes and share them easily with other users.

*Fee may apply.

Get music scores

Easy storing and sharing

Store and organize your own digital music scores or
download new ones online.
Share your written notes with other registered members
of the service.

*Some services require a fee.

Edit pages
as you wish.

Set Lists

Create a new set of scores for each performance.
Keep multiple set lists going for your various performances.

Set lists can be stored through
the Home screen.

Left screen can be set to display
an overview of the scores.

Custom page ordering

Set up page order as you like when playing repetitions and coda,
moving forward and backward through the score as needed.

Page preview display

Designate one side of the screen to display the next page,
so it’s even easier to keep pace with fast tempo songs.

Preview page 3 while
you play page 2

The next generation
in music scores
―it’s all about easy.

GVIDO Instruction Video

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